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r e c e n t    w o r k

designing with nature. a conversation

with architect piet vollaard and scientist

joop spijker. stimuleringsfonds 9-21


‘it’s the infrastructure, stupid!’ on the

iabr exposition ‘reclaiming the commons’ archined 7-21


the stimuleringsfonds creative industrie

supports ania molenda’s and

mine research ‘beyond the essay’. 7-21


my video ‘housing’ was shown at the

‘dream-play-challenge: the future of

residential living’ symposium. 6-21


> a l  l    w o r k s


Designs whisper, chat or plead. They talk to us and to each other, through place and history. They represent ideas.

I explore what architecture tells. What it conceals. And why.

r e s e a r c h

andrea prins   architect | researcher | writer

Insight and inspiration  My expertise lies at the interface between architecture, history (of ideas) and societal changes. What is the impact of spatial decisions on people’s life? Often I take my own experiences and the ever changing meaning of key words as a starting point. Seemingly self-evident topics appear in a new, surprising light.


Main research theme’s are the housing crisis, ecology and learning from Asia through research-by-dwelling. In the last years I experiment with alternative forms of connecting to the audience, for instance mixing long reads with other forms of text, writing for exhibitions or reciting spoken essays together with other makers.


You can find my work  -in German or English but mostly in Dutch- at ArchiNed, De Architect, domus, Het Nieuwe Instituut, the Stimuleringsfonds and Vers Beton. Graphics and spoken essays clarify complex topics. My books were published at WalburgPers, Uitgeverij Verloren and Bonas.